Monthly Archives: January 2014

Two Worlds, One Wall, No Sense

Trashy reality tv with a sci fi twist – what could be better…turns out, pretty much anything.

I had the opportunity to review the show “Opposite Worlds” on the channel formerly known as “Sci Fi” and now ¬†known as SyFy – television for people who can’t spell phonetically.

Let me assure you – this is one of those times when you really only want to read the review. So you should! Check out my review at

Pageant Princesses, Apathy and Crazy Eyes

I have previously alluded to my love of all things trashy reality TV.

Well, this week I get to prove it, by reviewing the almost premiere of the amazingly absurd “Kim of Queens”. If you have not yet seen the amazing Kim Gravel attempt to teach girls to “become ladies”, you should check out my review and then schedule your live tweet for next week’s episode.